My PhD focussed on research related to the evaluation of Probabilistic Graphical Models (PGMs), with particular emphasis on weird and wonderful Bayesian Network (BN) variants. I wrote a fair chunk of code over my time doing the PhD, including some code that (I think) provides a nicer API than many existing Python libraries for PGMs, as well as code that might be useful from an educational perspective. I’ve started to tidy up and update this code, and have begun to migrate it to a public repository. This is a work in progress, so expect API-breaking changes!

You can find the latest version here.


Ever heard of Echo State Networks (ESNs)? Over the last few years I’ve been exposed to a few interesting ideas within the field of AI research. One field that really sparked my imagination was ‘Reservoir Computing’. You can find out more about ESNs in this great paper, and about Reservoir Computing here. A few years ago, I wrote a package for building and using interesting ESN architectures, but it was very much research software. I’ve decided to migrate this code into a public repository too. This is also very much a work-in-progress.

You can find the latest version here.