I like to conceptualise and build novel, useful technologies. I’m at my most engaged when I’m discussing new ideas with colleagues and friends, and designing and building these ideas at work or in my own time. I’m currently chiefly inspired by the potential for AI & ML-driven technologies to produce profound, positive change in all areas of life.

As of April 2018, I’ve been working at Peak AI, a young startup based in Manchester, UK. Peak attracted me as a place with a grand vision, a collection of interesting people, and a great culture. At Peak, I’ve worked on a range of bespoke and productised business problems. Some highlights include:

  • Developing a recommendation service for the website of a national retailer.
  • Developing a productised recommendation service for general retail customers for websites and personalised comms.
  • Developing an internal framework to support the development of robust ML services.
  • Developing a call centre optimisation tool for an international insurance broker.
  • Supporting Peak’s product vision as part of an internal product strategy team.
  • Supporting the development of ML tooling and infrastructure for Peak’s internal platform.

Outside of my work at Peak, midweek I’m usually reading or listening to music in my spare time. In both, my taste is pretty diverse, so rather than list them all,

  • Reading
  • Movies: Scifi,
  • Music
  • Food:

Journey So Far

  • 2018-Present - Artificial Intelligence Engineer at Peak. (Previously Data Scientist)
  • 2014-2018 - Research Student (PhD) at University of York, UK Thesis: On The Assurance of Bayesian Networks for Mission Critical Systems Supervisor: Prof. T. Kelly
  • 2010-2014 - (Integrated) Masters Student at University of York UK Thesis: A Graphical User Interface for Simulating Bi-Layer Graphene Nanoribbons Supervisor: Prof. Y. Hancock, Prof. J. Yuan


  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Bayesian Networks & Probabilistic Graphical Models
    • Deep Learning Architectures
    • Classical Machine Learning Algorithms
    • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Software Engineering
    • Software Assurance
    • Agile Development
    • Languages (Python, C, C++, R, Matlab, Scala, Fortran)
    • Web Development (Django, Jekyll)
  • Research
    • Doctorate (PhD) in Computer Science: Assurance of Bayesian Networks for Mission Critical Systems
    • Masters (MPhys) in Physics: A Graphical Interface for Simulating Bilayer Graphene Nanostructures
    • High Integrity Systems Engineering (With BAE Systems) for Autonomous Systems.
  • Mathematical Modelling
    • Solid State Physics Simulations (Graphene Nanostructure modelling)


  • Member - Institute of Physics
  • Member - Python Software Foundation
  • Member - Data Science Foundation
  • Member - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
    • Member - Computational Intelligence Society
    • Member - Computer Society
    • Member - Technical Council on Software Engineering
  • Member - Manchester Digital
  • Alumni Member - Wentworth College
  • Alumni Member - Derwent College


The desire to research and build new or novel technologies has been the main driver of my career choices to date. Technological innovation and discovery is a passion of mine, and my insatiable curiosity for all things scientific motivated me to complete an extended trip into academia where I have had the privilege of working with internationally-recognised research groups in both theoretical Physics and Computer Science, where I obtained a Master’s of Physics and Doctorate in these disciplines respectively.

More recently, I’ve turned my attention to contributing towards a commercial effort at Peak to conceptualise, design and build a new class of enterprise business software system. This system is intended to centralise, curate and action signals and insights from across an entire retail business: from logistics and merchandising through to marketing and business reporting.